Overseas Matters, Residence & Domicile

Today the world is smaller than ever. For example, it is not uncommon for people to live in the UK and work in Europe or be seconded overseas by their employer. Nowadays, more people have holiday homes or invest in rental property abroad. Individuals may live and work in the UK but this may not be their country of origin. All of the above have different tax implications that need to be considered.

Some key factors where you should seek advice

  • Moving to or from the UK to live, work or retire?
  • Do you have income from overseas?
  • Own a holiday home perhaps?
  • Invest in property abroad?
  • Non-UK domiciled, i.e. do you live in the UK but you or your parents were born overseas?

 Next steps

All of these need careful consideration and management to ensure that you comply not only with UK tax rules but also those in the overseas territory as well.

Please contact us to discuss your affairs to see how we may be able to assist you and explore what tax planning opportunities are available.