Self-Assessment Tax Returns

We are able to provide a fast and efficient Tax Return and Tax Repayment Claims preparation service for a fixed fee agreed before work is commenced.

You will need to complete a Tax Return if you:

  • Are sent a notice to file by HMRC
  • Wish to claim a refund or make a claim for relief.

The main reasons why you may need to complete a Tax Return are if you

  • Have employment income that is not taxed under PAYE or receive benefits in kind
  • Receive dividend income and have further tax to pay on that income
  • Work for yourself, either as self-employed or in a partnership
  • Are a company director
  • Receive rental income
  • Are a non-resident landlord receiving rental income
  • Receive other untaxed, foreign or trust income
  • Are liable to the higher income child benefit charge
  • Have sold assets such as property or shares and may be liable to capital gains tax

Additionally, you may need to complete a Tax Return if you have

  • Annual income from savings or investments of £10,000 or more
  • Annual income of £100,000 or more
  • Tax due at the end of the tax year that cannot be collected via a PAYE code
  • Untaxed income of £2,500 or more
  • Annual claims for expenses or professional subscriptions of £2,500 or more